Date: 5/3/18 8:53 pm
From: Nancy Young via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: [VA-bird] White-crowned Sparrow Botetourt County
A White-crowned Sparrow was in my back yard most of the day picking up seeds
fallen from the feeders. The only other time I have seen one here was last
November. And that one was an immature. Could it be the same individual?

I had a total of 18 species in my little yard today. One or two
White-throats are still hanging around. The Bluebird box has 4 eggs. We put
the house up this year because last year a pair of Bluebirds nearly killed
themselves trying to find a nesting place in or on our house. We put it
right next to the screen porch and the birds took to it right away. And just
in time too. A flock of 6 or 7 Tree Swallows tried in vain to evict them.
Our neighbor has a tall Martin house in his yard. I was hoping the swallows
would settle there but I haven't seen them. Our back window looks out across
a tiny grassy space into a thick and very tall hedge of Leland cypress. The
birds seem to like the shelter and I'm sure that Robins and Catbirds have
nests in there and maybe the Cardinals too. The hedge is just at the top of
a drainage "pond" that is full of wild growing things- flowers and all sorts
of grasses. It's so deep that the mowers don't tackle it but every other
year or so when the willow trees start to get out of hand. (Or when someone
complains.) When we moved from our large and wooded yard three years ago I
thought I was done with yard birds. But it's been a pleasant surprise to
find so many birds as well as rabbits and other critters in this manicured
neighborhood. Another nice surprise was that many of the neighbors also put
out bird baths, feeders and houses. We're probably breaking some rule or
other but nobody seems to worry about it.

Nancy Young
Botetourt County

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