Date: 5/3/18 3:53 pm
From: Bostian, Kelly <Kelly.Bostian...>
Subject: Got house birds?
Hello everyone,

The Tulsa World has asked me to write a story for Saturday's paper about birds making their springtime homes on and around our homes.

The main thrust -- with the help of interviews with local experts -- will be to point out that all sorts of birds (with the exception of invasive species) may try to nest on and around our homes and that those nests must be left alone because those migratory birds are protected under federal law.

We'll hit on 'how do I avoid the problem in the first place' and 'who do I call if it just HAS to be moved!" sorts of things... how to know if the nesting is done and when it's OK to remove it (or will they just re-nest). We'll hit on what to do about chicks when they hatch, all that good stuff.

And how hard is it to get that swallow nest mud off your siding, anyway? (I've never had to clean that up, but I've seen nests under eves of houses before and man it looks like they make a mess. Anyone have suggestions on swallow nests and the associated droppings??

I would love to hear from anyone (in the Tulsa and surrounding areas only ((sorry)) who has a bird-nest story from around their house. Do you have porch pewees? Do you have a wren spot in a hanging flower pot? Swallows on your window shutters and ducks under your decks?

Gimmee a call, I'd love to share a personal story or three along with your feelings about the birds with Tulsa World readers.

Thanks all,

Kelly Bostian
Outdoors Writer
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