Date: 5/3/18 2:04 pm
From: Bob and Nancy <blnllaval...>
Subject: Fun and Games
Wow! Talk about a mad house. We left the door from our garage into the house open for about 3 min. and a pair of Carolina Wrens decided to see what the rest of the 3 bedroom house looked like. Nancy and I came back in and they were flying around the living room. One perched on Nancy’s antique silver spoon collection and another checking out the mantle over the fire place. The chase was on. Of course the first thing they did was fly down the hallway and disperse into separate rooms. I found one in the sewing room and tried to move it toward the door of the room, but it kept flying into the 3 mirrors in the room. Finally it flew out and went to the master bedroom and into the bathroom. I opened the outside door before I went into the bathroom. The bird flew into the towel shelves and a turntable that holds extra drug bottles etc. When it came out it knocked over many bottles and flew up to the skylight screen and held on just out of reach. Finally it came out and left the bathroom and flew out the door. We had opened 4 outside doors in the house and assume the other wren flew out one of them while we were after the other one because we haven’t seen the second one since the first sighting. As I sleep tonight being eaten by all the mosquitoes that came in all the open doors I will probably discover that the second bird is banging into the walls in the dark having come out of wherever he was hiding.
We do love to have them around. They have nested in one of our potted plants for many years although they build at least two fake nests in the garage also.
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