Date: 5/3/18 11:49 am
From: pep4223 <pep4223...>
Subject: Prothonotary Warbler - new yard bird species -Jefferson County
This morning on my walk around the yard, I spied a Prothonotary Warbler sneaking around in Yellow-stem Dogwood shrub I have planted near the pond. I never saw the warbler go into the pond to bathe or drink. I left the area after the sighting, so it would have some peace and quiet.

This sighting is a first for Prothonotary Warbler in my yard, and is now bird species number 116. It gets harder and harder to add to your yard list once the "usuals" are counted. I feel very warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that I created a little niche for this hungry warbler to stop and get a rest and snack on its migration. Here is this morning's checklist:

Also seen was a silent Red-eyed Vireo that had just arrived and was feeding. I heard my first Scarlet Tanager in the yard this year also.


Jefferson County, WV
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