Date: 5/3/18 10:14 am
From: Donna Collett <dcollett57...>
Subject: Neotropics + Beaver County
The Lake Trail at Raccoon Creek SP was teaming with birds this morning. I
was there from 9-12:00 and didn't know which direction to look first there
was so much activity.
Northern Rough winged Swallows , Phoebes, and Kingfishers were hunting the
creek. One great blue Heron flew by with twigs.
Wood thrush and Ovenbirds were competing along the trail.
Blue gray Gnatcatchers were abundant and nest building.
Had one White eyed Video and one Red eyed Vireo. If they would ever cross
breed would it make a Pink eyed Video?
Also one Blue headed Vireo and one Yellow throated Vireo. They would make a
Green headed Vireo, lol.
As for Warblers:
Yellow and Common Yellowthroat were everywhere
Hooded -4
Northern Parula-2
Blue winged-3
Black and White-1
Black throated Green-2
American Redstart-4
Yellow throated-1

Scarlet Tanager -3 male and 1 female
Rose breasted Grosbeaks-4 male and 2 female
Baltimore Orioles-2 male
Eastern Towhee - males everywhere, 1-female
Plus all the regular residents.

The chorus mixed with wildflowers and a breeze made for a lovely day.

Donna Collett
Beaver County
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