Date: 5/3/18 10:02 am
From: Alan Strauss <ansch100...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Whale Report
Today: Duxbury Beach 6:45 to 9:00 AM. Eight Right Whales. Two about 1/8 mile out. Surface Activity Groups of three. Most about 1/4 mile out. New behavior recorded: Whales with whole back at surface, arch back, looks like it is going to dive but flukes do not come much out of the water. Blowhole raised high, could see it in my camera. Top of rostrum visible. Smooth gray tail stock just before flukes seen at surface. Whale‚~@~Ys back seen several times along surface as well as one side of tail dragging behind. A few times it looked like they were laying at surface on their backs with paddle shaped fins above water. They were not all skim feeding‚~@~T‚~@~Tespecially the ones with backs cutting the surface water. I haven‚~@~Yt seen this behavior before. It was similar to ‚~@~\false fluking‚~@~] in other species. Tail area just before flukes very rounded and smooth and shiny looking.

I think the best view at Duxbury are very early morning or very late afternoon.

Alan Strauss, Providence

PS at least two Willets.
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