Date: 5/3/18 9:16 am
From: colleen snow <c.snow357...>
Subject: Re: Blue Jay/ Cooper’s
Hi Ann

I had heard of blue jays mimicking raptor calls for a few years. One day
while making a seed delivery to a customer, I heard a Red-tail Hawk
calling. Looking up, I didn't see anything and then realized the blue jay
in the tree across the street was doing it. I've since heard/seen jays do
a few more times. Amazing birds!

Colleen Snow
Middlesex, NJ
Wild Bird Kingdom

On Thu, May 3, 2018 at 7:53 AM, Ann Pettigrew <rook185...> wrote:

> As I was feeding the birds this morning I thought I had a Cooper’s hawk
> doing its alarm call in the tree above me. Turns out it was a blue jay
> seemingly mimicking a Cooper’s perhaps to keep other birds away from the
> feeders????
> Ann C. Pettigrew, V.M.D.
> York, PA
> <rook185...>
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