Date: 5/3/18 7:39 am
From: Gary Jarvis <garykjarvis...>
Subject: [Maine-birds] Re: Evergreen Cemetery, Portland, ME

Christine and I were just down at Evergreen too and had the same impression
as Nathan; we came in through the woods from the west (we parked on
Woodvale) and almost immediately were greeted by literally hundreds of
White-Throated Sparrows. Many were on the ground kicking up the leaves --
and making a racket, as if several people were raking the leaves at the
same time -- and dozens more kept streaming in. We encountered this twice
more, including in the woods to the east of the big pond. As a
conservative estimate I'd have to say that we saw at least 500-600, though
the actual number was likely somewhat higher since there were likely many
more that we didn't see.

The other big deal at Evergreen was a male Hooded Warbler, which was
singing about ten yards into the woods to the northwest of the big pond
(approximate location here <>). I couldn't
get a photo as it was too deep in the thickety bits, but I think Christine
recorded it singing. There were several other folks around who saw it, too.

BTW, Capisic was really hopping, too. Over the span of maybe 15-20 minutes
standing at the edge of that swampy depression that's on the east side of
the trail, about a quarter of the way up from the parking area, we saw
multiple Yellow-Rumped Warblers, along with several Northern Parulas, a
Black-Throated Blue, a Chestnut-Sided, a Magnolia (Turk spotted that one),
a Yellow, a couple of Palms, a Black-and-White, a Yellowthroat, and a
Redstart. Craig K. and I also heard a Northern Waterthrush singing, but it
was pretty far back (and I didn't see it).

To agree with Nathan one more time, eBird's new Bird Migration Forecast
maps and Live Migration maps are indeed awesome. They both showed a lot of
movement last night, and it was certainly borne out by what we saw on the
ground. What a great morning -- if only we didn't have to work!

Gary Jarvis

On Thursday, May 3, 2018 at 8:32:41 AM UTC-4, Nathan Hall wrote:
> I birded Evergreen Cemetery from the 'junk' pond to the big pond and back.
> To say the least it was overwhelming. There were hundreds of YELLOW-RUMPED
> WARBLERS and WHITE-THROATED SPARROWS. In fact, when I first got there there
> was so much noise on the forest floor that I was sure a WHITE-TAILED DEER
> herd was going to pop out at any moment. No deer just hundreds and hundreds
> of sparrows. As I walked, the forest floor kept leaping, it was kind of
> creepy, as if the floor had come alive. I'm sure that I missed a lot
> because I was trying to count those two species.
> There were a number of other warbler species and other fun birds, but the
> real highlight for me was a COMMON WHIP-POOR-WILL. I flushed the bird as I
> was walking between the ponds and got to spend a bit of time observing the
> bird before it flew off into the forest. I got a number of pictures and
> will upload them to my eBird checklists later.
> Here are my checklists:
> <>
> I also want to give a shout out to Cornell's new BirdCast. It said there
> would be a huge push overnight last night and it completely delivered. If
> you aren't checking it you should be.
> Be well
> Nathan Hall

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