Date: 5/3/18 6:18 am
From: Josh <opihi...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] SWAINSON'S WARBLER reported in Amherst!
Hi MassBirders,

Just learned through FaceBook that Mike Locher, the Hampshire Bird Club’s field trips chair, posted to eBird at 635 this morning reporting a SWAINSON’S WARBLER from the Sweet Alice Conservation Area in south Amherst! Here is his eBird report: <>

No photos; I don’t think Mike usually carries a camera while birding. His description: “Super drab brown warbler with dark eyeline, pale supercilium, rusty cap, and massive pale pinkish bill with a dark mark on top of the upper mandible. Entirely pale underneath, short-tailed appearance.”

Sweet Alice is a public eBird hotspot. Here is the hotspot page, with a “Get Directions” link for anyone who needs them: <>
I have to confess, the habitat there is not especially reminiscent of that in places where I’ve encountered the species down south, so I’m pessimistic that the bird will stay in the area for very long. But hopefully I’ll be wrong about that.

MARC lists three records of the species in the state, all from coastal locations, and two of the three only detected because they were caught in mist nets by banding programs: <>
Veit and Peterson (thanks again Marj!) lists two others, including the first state record from Provincetown in 1982. The other was an older sight report from Hadley (next town over from Amherst) in 1968, on April 30, during a big wave of early migrants, a description eerily similar to what took place yesterday….

Hopefully some other local birders are out there relocating this bird. I won’t be able to get out there for at least an hour or two….

Good birding!


Joshua S. Rose, Ph.D.
Amherst, MA

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