Date: 5/3/18 5:21 am
From: Carol <carol.jaksic...>
Subject: [wisb] Whip-poor-will 5:20AM This Morning - Marquette County
This may be a juvenile, not the bold call of the other Whip-poor-wills that reside in our neighborhood. Was a nice alarm clock this morning. Will listen for more at sunset tonight. I’m thinking it was pushed in before the fast moving storm front that came through an hour before sunset last night.
My other feathered friends all starting calling after its call. I had a half an hour chorus before sunrise, even though it’s overcast.

My dear friend who lives right over the border in Adams County, and is surrounded by Wolf Lake, Neenah Creek and Peppermill Creek, has been calling me daily at work this week with reports of her returning family. She has no computer or cellphone. She called me four times yesterday with the return of the Orioles, Hummingbird, Grosbeaks and Thrushes. Fun to get reports at work, when your office is a 7x9 room, in the basement, with no windows.

Expecting to see new feathered friends in our yard after work today. I’m guessing they are all here, I’m not here to enjoy them.

A note about the yellow rumped warblers and thrushes. We had a fallout in our yard before the three day ice storm/snow storm that hit our county a couple weeks ago. I was giving them mealworms, etc...but I don’t think any of them survived. Glad to hear of another influx of them.

Good Luck Birding!

Carol Jaksic
Oxford Township - Marquette County

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