Date: 5/2/18 10:40 pm
From: Becky Lloyd <becky...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Red-shouldered Hawk Nest- 3 chicks, Uptown
I observed a Red-shouldered Hawk flying earlier in the afternoon over the
Walgreens parking lot on Carrollton and Maple. Two hours later while
walking in the area again I heard a ruckus and went to investigate. A guy
at the bus stop asked if I was looking at "that bird" and I said I was
coming over to see what all the fuss was about. Then I saw the hawk again
and pointed it out to him. He said the hawk had hit his head as he was
walking to the bus stop- he thought someone had thrown a rock at him! He
was wearing his La Madaleine uniform which included a high black cap (which
saved his head- or was it the reason for the dive bomb!).

I realized there must be a nest nearby. Finally I saw a chick looking over
the nest high up in the Live Oak. I returned later with binoculars and
camera. I observed 1 chick tugging at bloody fleshy food, then a second
chick took it's turn at the food, and a while later a third chick. The
adult returned after 45 minutes with more food just as the sun was setting.

The nest is on Carrollton Ave and Maple St.
The downtown side of Carrollton, 3rd Live Oak from Maple going toward the

Here is a link to ebird list with a few pictures.

Becky Lloyd
New Orleans

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