Date: 5/2/18 5:24 pm
From: PAUL R VAN GINKEL <prvangin...>
Subject: [wisb] HoNeeUm, Madison, Dane Co
8:30-10AM and 5-6:45PM
Unable to (re)locate the yellow crowned night heron. Did find two Sora rails in the area (but no Virginia rail seen this morning).
At the springs:
1 Prothonotary warbler
1 Blue winged warbler
2 Magnolia warblers
10 black and white warblers
100+ yellow rumped warblers
50+ palm warblers
20 yellow warblers
5 nashville warblers
1 american redstart
10 northern waterthrushes
1 oven bird
1 yellow throated vireo
1 Blue headed vireo
1 least flycatcher
1 red breasted grosbeak
4 Baltimore orioles
1 gray cheeked thrush
10 swanson’s thrushes
1 hermit thrush
5 common yellow throats
1 ruby crowned kinglet
50+ white throated sparrows
1 brown thrasher
Gray catbirds
2 northern flickers
1 spotted sandpiper
4 wood ducks
2 blue winged teals
1 osprey
Picnic point at noon added:
Barred owls
20+ Swainson's thrushes
20+ black and white warblers
2 orange crowned warblers
5 Great crested flycatchers
5 white crowned sparrows
50+ white throated sparrows
30+ Bonaparte gulls flew over
1 merlin

Paul van Ginkel
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