Date: 5/2/18 2:33 pm
From: HAROLD YOCUM <drhal2...>
Subject: Re: L. Hefner inlet area
I also birded the Lake Hefner inlet this morning 11-11:45. I can add these additional species.
Inlet area: black and white warbler, orange crowned warbler,yellow-rumped warbler, eastern kingbird, spotted sandpiper.
About the lake area: I can add - pied billed grebe, blue winged teal, am. coot.

Earlier in the morning (9-10:30) I birded Fink Park ( in Edmond on 2nd Street across from U. of Central
Sightings included 24 species ( rather good for this park).
American Robin
brown thrasher-3
empidonax species-2 likely least flycatcher
red shouldered hawk- resident nearly year around there.
downy woodpecker
red-bellied woodpecker
n. cardinal
Carolina chickadee
tufted titmouse
Carolina wren- many( 5-6) singing, saw 1
house wren- 1
Swainson's thrush 3
Am. crow
mourning dove
nashville warbler 2
orange-crowned warbler 2
Summer tanager 1st year male about 3/4 through color change. First, I have ever seen 1 in Edmond (19
e. phoebe
great tailed grackle
blue jay
Sparrows- chipping,clay colored, Harris, and house

Hal Yocum

> On May 2, 2018 at 2:35 PM Matthew Jung <mpjung5125...> wrote:
> Spent some time checking the inlet area this am.
> Baltimore Orioles - made attempt to photograph
> Brown Thrasher
> Warbling Vireo
> Clay colored Sparrows
> Chipping Sparrows
> RW Blackbords
> both grackles
> starlings and house sparrows
> on the lake:
> Canada Geese
> Mallards
> DC Cormorants
> AW Pelicans
> RB Gulls
> Franklin;s Gulls
> Forster's Terns
> Snowy Egrets
> Great Egrets
> Matt Jung, OKC
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