Date: 5/2/18 2:05 pm
From: Jeff Hansen <>
Subject: Topeka Yard Birds
Been watching the yard off and on today. WOW. I just keep seeing things.

Warblers I've seen today: yellow, nashville, redstart, Tennessee,
orange-crowned, yellow-rumped. I used to think Tennessee were drab
warblers until I saw one in the light. It wowed me as well. And those
yellow warblers just blow me away with that intense orange-yellow. Love
them. Mr American redstart let me have fantastic views while perched in
the chokecherry hedge.

sparrows: Lincoln's, clay, chipping, Harris's and white crowned. The white
crowned just appeared. I just think they are the most amazing looking
sparrows. Always a treat to see when they pass through. The Clay-colored
was a new yard bird. Heard his call and later saw it.

others: blue-headed vireo, rose-breasted grosbeak, gray catbird, Baltimore
oriole, house wren, great crested flycatcher. I've seen the vireo 4
separate times today. He came to the pond and i had just fantastic looks.

Almost all of these are new for the year and some I don't see every year.
What a day.

Also the flickers are guarding a nest box. This is not a box they used
last year. Starling moved into their box from last year. He is now
history. I was expecting to find 1 flicker egg and instead found 7. Such
a thrill to see them. There is something special about flickers and their
eggs that just wow me. I also saw the flicker pair mate today.

Interestingly Mr starling had decorated a couple of nest boxes with fresh
chokecherry flowers and leaves. I wonder if they don't do that to entice a
mate. I saw a flicker land on the box Mr. starling had claimed and out of
no where the starlings appeared and darted in the hole. To catch the
starling I replaced the box with a smaller one with a trap and caught him
the second he returned.

I better go out and see what new things have arrived.

Jeff Hansen, Topeka

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