Date: 5/2/18 1:32 pm
From: Pabirder1974 <pabirder1974...>
Subject: Crawford county arrivals
I had a great mix of birds today on my property.

Black throated blue warbler
Chestnut sided warbler
Blue wing warbler
Common yellowthroat
Nashville warbler
Blackburnian warbler
Magnolia warbler
Rose breasted grosbeaks
Baltimore orioles
House wren
Chimney swifts
Yellow throated vireo
Warbling vireo
Wood thrush
Brown thrasher
Gray catbirds
Broad wing hawk

Geneva and conneaut marsh
Rusty blackbirds
Virginia rails
Marsh wrens
Common gallinule
Blue wing teal
Hooded mergansers
Swamp sparrow
Prothonotary warbler
American redstart
Northern waterthrush
Barn swallows
Cliff swallows
Tree swallows
Yellow throated vireo
Warbling vireo
Sand hill cranes

Shawn collins
Crawford county

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