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Subject: IBET JxP, Tuesday, 1 May: Lots of good birds but missed the 2 best (warning: a bit long)
I birded Chicago's Jackson Park yesterday covering all locations except the east part of the golf course. It was a good day, though I missed the 2 best birds. I had 86 species, including 14 warbler species with 26 year birds and 4 park year birds.
I started at 63rd Street Beach, which had many SAVANNAH SPARROWS, including 2 singing at the east nature area and 1 singing at the west end (a single bird was singing at the east end Friday). There were 2 LESSER YELLOWLEGS (FOY JxP) on the beach. I tried to get a photo of one in great light but the other made a call, which must have meant "Look out it's pointing something at you," because it suddenly looked at me and then they both bolted as I was focusing! A SOLITARY SANDPIPER (FOY) flew over and I found my FOY SWAINSON'S THRUSH here, which was the first of many. The CLIFF SWALLOWS were checking out their old nests at the beach house. I could really tell that it was going to be a good day from all the birds at the small 59th Street promontory. I found FOY LEAST FLYCATCHER, GRAY CATBIRD, BLACK-THROATED GREEN and BLACK-AND-WHITE WARBLERS, COMMON YELLOWTHROAT and LINCOLN'S SPARROW, plus BROWN THRASHER, SWAINSON'S and HERMIT THRUSHES, FIELD, SWAMP, WHITE-THROATED and WHITE-CROWNED SPARROWS.
I found a PINE WARBLER by the courtyard on the east side of the Museum of Science and Industry (FOY; all warblers except Palms and Yellow-rumpeds were year birds, so I won't point them out from here). I got a photo of it looking at me with its head to one side as if thinking "What are you and why are you pointing that thing at me?" There were birds all over the grass east and south of the Columbia Basin mostly PALM and YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLERS and SAVANNAH SPARROWS. Several BLUE-GRAY GNATCATCHERS (FOY) were flitting about in the trees. On the south shore of the basin there was a male BLACKBURNIAN WARBLER feeding on the ground! There was also a male INDIGO BUNTING (FOY) and a NASHVILLE WARBLER. There were also a couple GREEN HERONS (FOY) along the shore. I met Brendan (hope I got the name right) here and we found a N. PARULA WARBLER feeding in the low vegetation. We parted with Brendan going towards the Darrow Bridge and I went around the Columbia Basin. As it turns out, I should have went with him (see below). East of the Basin I found the other Blackburnian that Brendan told me he had seen, which was also on the ground, plus the, or a, Pine Warbler, a TENNESSEE WARBLER, a few YELLOW WARBLERS and a WARBLING VIREO (FOY). North of Wooded Island there was a PINE SISKIN (FOY). A couple of times I thought I heard its "screeee" call at a distance, then close to the Darrow Bridge I clearly heard the call they give in flight and got a glimpse of it just as it took off. There was also an E. KINGBIRD, N. WATERTHRUSH and a male BALTIMORE ORIOLE, all FOY. On Wooded Island I added FOY VEERY and ROSE-BREASTED GROSBEAK. I met Brendan again south of the Island and he told me he had found a CERULEAN WARBLER by the Barrow Bridge. I decided to continue my route instead of going right away and circle back around to the area; it had been a while since he saw it. Maybe a mistake on my part? So I continued on. A male E. BLUEBIRD was singing on the soccer fields on one of the goals. There was a GRAY-CHEEKED THRUSH (FOY) along Hayes Drive. I found a LOUISIANA WATERTHRUSH at the little, overgrown boardwalk near the driving range. There were some BLUE JAYS (FOY JxP) making a racket on the backside of the woods near the driving range south fence. I saw a bird bathing on the other side of the fence, then fly up. At first I thought it was one of the jays, but it was an adult Accipiter. I assumed it would be a male Sharpy based on size, but it was clearly a male COOPER'S HAWK (pale nape, raised hackles, "angry" look, rounded tail). Smallest I've ever seen! Then some crows spotted 2 TURKEY VULTURES (FOY JxP) to chase. I saw a 1st spring male ORCHARD ORIOLE (FOY) at the north end of the woods but it flew just as I was about to take a photo. I finally got back to the area where the Cerulean had been seen. There was another birder looking for it on the west side. He hadn't seen it, but pointed out a PROTHONOTARY WARBLER on the bridge that I probably walked right past. He decided to check Wooded Island. I decided to come back to the Island after retrieving my bike. I wanted to photograph the Prothonotary but it had disappeared. Riding my bike across the lawn east of the Columbia Basin was amusing as the Palms and Yellow-rumpeds looked like a swarm of flies fleeing before me! On the Island I found the Blackburnian, still on the ground, and the Parula in and around the Japanese Garden, so it seemed a good place to find the Cerulean, but I had no luck. I did find another Parula south of the garden and an adult male ORCHARD ORIOLE within the garden.
There was a N. MOCKINGBIRD (FOY) east of the Inner Harbor, my first CHIMNEY SWIFTS in the park were over the golf course. My last species on the day were a trio of ROCK PIGEONS on the golf course. Woo-hoo! Later I read that Paul had a WORM-EATING WARBLER on the Island---ugh! My full list is below.

Abbreviations: 63rd = 63rd Street Beach, NLF = North Lake Front (62nd to 59th), WI/BM = Wooded Island/Bobolink Meadow, IH = Inner Harbor, OH = Outer Harbor, LM = Lake Michigan and immediate shore east of OH, GC = Golf Course.

Canada Goose: 63rd (5), WI/BM (25), IH (6)
Wood Duck: WI/BM (5)
Mallard: 63rd (3), WI/BM (13), IH (2), OH (4), LM (2)
Blue-winged Teal: WI/BM (4)
Hooded Merganser: WI/BM (1; male has been following a fem. Mallard around; she tried losing him in flight but failed!)
Red-breasted Merganser: 63rd (5), NLF (4), WI/BM (2)
Horned Grebe: LM (1)
Double-crested Cormorant: 63rd (12), WI/BM (10)
Great Blue Heron: WI/BM (1)
Green Heron: WI/BM (4), IH (1)
Turkey Vulture: WI/BM (2)
Cooper's Hawk: WI/BM (1), GC (1)
A. Coot: IH (4)
Killdeer: WI/BM (1)
Lesser Yellowlegs: 63rd (2)
Solitary Sandpiper: 63rd (1)
Spotted Sandpiper: 63rd (2), NLF (1), IH (1)
Ring-billed Gull: 63rd (155), NLF (17), WI/BM (8), IH (5), OH (22), LM (21), GC (2)
Herring Gull: 63rd (1), WI/BM (2), OH (2)
Caspian Tern: 63rd (6), NLF (2), WI/BM (2)
Rock Pigeon: GC (3)
Mourning Dove: WI/BM (1)
Chimney Swift: GC (2)
Downy Woodpecker: WI/BM (4), IH (1)
N. Flicker: WI/BM (3), IH (1)
Least Flycatcher: NLF (1), WI/BM (1)
E. Phoebe: WI/BM (2)
E. Kingbird: WI/BM (1)
Warbling Vireo: WI/BM (1)
Blue Jay: WI/BM (3)
A. Crow: 63rd (2), WI/BM (4), IH (3), GC (2)
Purple Martin: WI/BM (11)
Tree Swallow: WI/BM (2)
N. Rough-winged Swallow: 63rd (6), NLF (6), WI/BM (8), IH (1)
Cliff Swallow: 63rd (20)
Barn Swallow: 63rd (4), NLF (6), WI/BM (10), IH (2)
Black-capped Chickadee: WI/BM (2), GC (1)
Brown Creeper: WI/BM (2)
House Wren: WI/BM (2), GC (1)
Blue-gray Gnatcatcher: WI/BM (13), IH (1), GC (1)
Ruby-crowned Kinglet: WI/BM (4)
E. Bluebird: WI/BM (1), IH (1)
Veery: WI/BM (2)
Hermit Thrush: NLF (1), WI/BM (3), OH (1)
Gray-cheeked Thrush: WI/BM (4)
Swainson's Thrush: 63rd (1), NLF (3), WI/BM (21), IH (2), GC (4)
A. Robin: 63rd (2), WI/BM (38), IH (3), GC (1)
N. Mockingbird: IH (1)
Gray Catbird: NLF (1), WI/BM (2)
Brown Thrasher: NLF (1), WI/BM (1)
Euro. Starling: 63rd (5), WI/BM (15), IH (5), OH (1), GC (2)
Louisiana Waterthrush: WI/BM (1), IH (1)
N. Waterthrush: WI/BM (3)
Prothonotary Warbler: WI/BM (1)
Black-and-white Warbler: NLF (1), WI/BM (2), GC (1)
Tennessee Warbler: WI/BM (2)
Nashville Warbler: WI/BM (1)
Common Yellowthroat: NLF (1), WI/BM (2)
N. Parula: WI/BM (2)
Blackburnian Warbler: WI/BM (2)
Yellow Warbler: WI/BM (7)
Pine Warbler: WI/BM (1)
Palm Warbler: 63rd (3), NLF (1), WI/BM (100), IH (1), OH (3), GC (2)
Yellow-rumped Warbler: NLF (1), WI/BM (35), IH (2), OH (1), GC (1)
Black-throated Green Warbler: NLF (1), WI/BM (1), IH (1)
Field Sparrow: 63rd (4), NLF (1), WI/BM (5), GC (3)
Chipping Sparrow: WI/BM (6)
Savannah Sparrow: 63rd (16), WI/BM (10), IH (5)
Song Sparrow: 63rd (1), WI/BM (10), IH (1), GC (1)
Lincoln's Sparrow: NLF (1), WI/BM (3), IH (1)
Swamp Sparrow: 63rd (3), NLF (2), WI/BM (5), GC (1)
White-crowned Sparrow: 63rd (2), NLF (1), WI/BM (6), IH (1), GC (7)
White-throated Sparrow: NLF (7), WI/BM (15), IH (1), GC (7)
N. Cardinal: 63rd (1), WI/BM (6), IH (1), GC (2)
Rose-breasted Grosbeak: WI/BM (1)
Indigo Bunting: WI/BM (1)
Common Grackle: WI/BM (1)
Red-winged Blackbird: 63rd (13), NLF (2), WI/BM (14), IH (13)
Brown-headed Cowbird: WI/BM (6)
E. Meadowlark: 63rd (1)
Orchard Oriole: WI/BM (2)
Baltimore Oriole: WI/BM (1), IH (1)
House Finch: WI/BM (4), IH (2)
Pine Siskin: WI/BM (1)
A. Goldfinch: 63rd (1), WI/BM (6), IH (1), OH (1)
House Sparrow: 63rd (6), NLF (4), WI/BM (17), OH (10)

Randy Shonkwiler

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