Date: 5/2/18 12:46 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] River Edge Nature Center (Ozaukee County)
I walked the river path at River Edge today.  It can be a great place for warblers, at least it has been for my wife.  Today, I found it very quiet until I got near the boardwalk.  In the upper trees, still mostly bare, you could seen Yellow rumps fltting around with the occasional palm warbler.  I did spot a pale, ring eyes bird in the bare shrubbery that I thought was the ring eyed warbler I saw yesterday, but after close inspection, it was a Swainson's Thrush.  There really wasn't much until I got to the wall of cedars farther west.  There, I saw lots of warblers passing through the cedars, primarily on  the sunnyside, which was away from me.  In the 20 minutes or so that I stood there, the vast majority of the warblers were yellow rumps, with an occasional palm warbler for variation.       I did spot a few black throated green warblers and, finally I spotted a few of those pale warblers I saw yesterday at Goeden.  I have been using the Sibley's guide for my birding
but, as I was at River Edge, I also consulted the Peterson's guide at the gift shop.  I saw three of these birds.   Two had faintly yellow breasts while one did not have any yellow tint to its breast.  Also, the only color around the eye was the pale eye ring.  Its head was consistent in its buff color, no highlighted supercillium or cap. They are at least as pale and uniform in color as the  Swainson's Thrush.  I got a long look at one when the wind picked up and it stayed still, waiting for the gust to pass.  I won't say that It's a Connecticut warbler but all three certainly did look like Connecticut warblers or even paler than that.  All three were much too pale to be any of the yellower warblers.  These three birds followed the warbler stream, so I assume that they are warblers and not vireos or thrushes.      If anyone wants to spent a half hour or so at the cedar hedge over looking the Milwaukee River at River Edge, I hope you can spot one of these birds and tel
l me what it is.  
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