Date: 5/2/18 12:07 pm
From: Jason St Pierre <mrjstpierre...> [wsbn] <wsbn-noreply...>
Subject: [wsbn] Pastorious Shorebirds today - great numbers
Pastorius reservoir outside of Durango was amazing this morning, and we've
needed some bad weather to drop the birds in. Oddly enough there were 27
Willets, 27 Marbled Godwits (flew in at perhaps 10:30) and 27 Wilson's
Phalaropes. There were also 25 Long-billed Dowitchers, 21 Western
Sandpipers, 10 Least Sandpipers, 1 Semipalmated Plover, 3 Spotted
Sandpipers, 2 Killdeer, 6 White-faced Ibises, and a Wilson's Warbler. Susan
Allerton had a Solitary Sandpiper before I arrived but Peter Derven and I
were unable to relocate it.

Pretty amazing considering last night Ryan Votta and I were there and it
was really quiet.

Across from Mercury Payments I had my FOY Chat and Virginia's Warbler,
along with several Orange-crowned.

Jason St. Pierre

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