Date: 5/2/18 11:06 am
From: Robert VanNewkirk <van126...>
Subject: Sewickley Heights Park Warblers & Others - Allegheny County
Excellent birding this morning in Sewickley Heights Park and along Little
Sewickley Creek. The most productive trails were Black-Cherry Path,
Black-Cherry Run, Chestnut, Pipeline, the gravel road, and Spruce Run. My
warbler list includes:

yellow - 1

yellow-rumped - many

cerulean - 1

American redstart - 2

Nashville - 2

Tennessee - 1

black and white - 1

blue-winged - 1

hooded - 6

blackburnian - 1

Louisiana waterthrush (1 in creek near entrance to park and 2 at Sneed's
along Little Sewickley Creek)

yellow-throated - 1 (Walker Park-shelter #2)

Other migrants discovered:

Scarlet tanager (heard only)

Rose-breasted grosbeak

Indigo bunting

Swainson's thrush - 2

Baltimore oriole - 3 (Walker Park - shelter #2

A pair of broad-winged hawks flew over the butterfly meadow; one ascended
much higher than the other. A Cooper's hawk was sighted nearby flying at
treetop height before descending out of view.

Good birding,

Bob VanNewkirk

Allegheny County

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