Date: 5/2/18 10:46 am
From: Judith ONeale <losbirdlady...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] LOS Spring Meeting Checklist
An amazing bird count (194)with 25 warblers. Please send me any corrections and Sunday add-ons for Cameron Parish.

Please remember that the list is now restricted to those folks registered for the LOS spring meeting.

LOS Spring Meeting April 28, 2018 Cameron Parish ___Black-bellied Whistling-Duck Fulvous Whistling-Duck Wood Duck Mottled Duck Blue-winged Teal ___Northern Shoveler Lesser Scaup Red-breasted Merganser Pied-billed Grebe Rock Pigeon (I) Eurasian Collared-Dove (I) Inca Dove ___Common Ground Dove White-winged Dove ___Mourning Dove ___Yellow-billed Cuckoo ___Black-billed Cuckoo Common Nighthawk ___Chuck-will's-widow Chimney Swift ___Ruby-throated Hummingbird Clapper Rail King Rail ___Virginia Rail Sora Purple Gallinule Common Gallinule American Coot Black-necked Stilt American Avocet Black-bellied Plover Wilson's Plover Semipalmated Plover Killdeer ___Upland Sandpiper Whimbrel Long-billed Curlew ___Marbled Godwit Ruddy Turnstone Stilt Sandpiper Sanderling Dunlin ___Baird's Sandpiper Least Sandpiper ___White-rumped Sandpiper ___Buff-breasted Sandpiper Pectoral Sandpiper Semipalmated Sandpiper Short-billed Dowitcher Long-billed Dowitcher Spotted Sandpiper Solitary Sandpiper Greater Yellowlegs Willet Lesser Yellowlegs Wilson's Phalarope Laughing Gull Ring-billed Gull Herring Gull Least Tern Gull-billed Tern Caspian Tern Black Tern Common Tern Forster's Tern Royal Tern Sandwich Tern Black Skimmer Neotropic Cormorant Double-crested Cormorant Anhinga American White Pelican Brown Pelican American Bittern Least Bittern Great Blue Heron Great Egret Snowy Egret Little Blue Heron Tricolored Heron Cattle Egret Green Heron ___Black-crowned Night-Heron Yellow-crowned Night-Heron White Ibis White-faced Ibis Roseate Spoonbill Black Vulture Turkey Vulture Osprey Bald Eagle Northern Harrier ___Cooper's Hawk Red-shouldered Hawk Swainson's Hawk Red-tailed Hawk ___Great Horned Owl Barred Owl Belted Kingfisher ___Red-headed Woodpecker Red-bellied Woodpecker Downy Woodpecker Pileated Woodpecker Crested Caracara Merlin Peregrine Falcon Eastern Wood-Pewee Acadian Flycatcher Great Crested Flycatcher Eastern Kingbird Scissor-tailed Flycatcher Loggerhead Shrike White-eyed Vireo ___Yellow-throated Vireo ___Philadelphia Vireo ___ Red-eyed Vireo Blue Jay Fish Crow Purple Martin Tree Swallow Northern Rough-winged Swallow ___Bank Swallow Cliff Swallow Barn Swallow Carolina Chickadee Tufted Titmouse Sedge Wren Marsh Wren Carolina Wren ___Eastern Bluebird ___Townsend's Solitaire Veery ___Gray-checked Thrush Swainson's Thrush ___Wood Thrush Gray Catbird Brown Thrasher Northern Mockingbird European Starling (I) Cedar Waxwing House Sparrow (I) ___American Goldfinch ___Ovenbird ___Worm-eating Warbler Northern Waterthrush ___Golden-winged Warbler ___Blue-winged Warbler ___Black-and-white Warbler Prothonotary Warbler Swainson's Warbler ___Tennessee Warbler ___Nashville Warbler Kentucky Warbler Common Yellowthroat ___Hooded Warbler ___American Redstart ___Cerulean Warbler Northern Parula Magnolia Warbler Bay-breasted Warbler Blackburnian Warbler Yellow Warbler Chestnut-sided Warbler Blackpoll Warbler Yellow-rumped Warbler Yellow-throated Warbler ___Canada Warbler Yellow-breasted Chat ___Lark Sparrow Savannah Sparrow ___Nelson's Sparrow Seaside Sparrow ___Song Sparrow ___Swamp Sparrow White-crowned Sparrow Summer Tanager Scarlet Tanager Northern Cardinal Rose-breasted Grosbeak Blue Grosbeak Indigo Bunting Painted Bunting Dickcissel ___Bobolink Red-winged Blackbird Eastern Meadowlark ___Yellow-headed Blackbird Common Grackle Boat-tailed Grackle Great-tailed Grackle Bronzed Cowbird Brown-headed Cowbird Orchard Oriole Baltimore Oriole Total 194

Judith O'Neale
Lafayette LA
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