Date: 5/2/18 10:47 am
From: Gerald Kruth <00000005ead0dac6-dmarc-request...>
Subject: Re: Binocular recommendation
Leica has had my wife's bins for THREE MONTHS claiming they can't get replacement parts through customs.


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Subject: Re: [PABIRDS] Binocular recommendation

I second the choice of the Opticron Savanna....they make a 6 or 8 x
30.....both are very good dollar for dollar. Quite possibly one of the best
binoculars out there....dollar for dollar!

I have a pair of the 8x30 and use them often...despite the fact I own a
pair of Swarovski ELs! regards to Dave DeReamus's recommendations....I don't know
anything about the Bushnell Legacy bins....but as far as the Nikon Auculon
I'd steer clear....while they may be decent optically they have terrible
eye relief and this can be a huge problem.

Good luck in your selection!

Take care and Good Birding,
Deuane Hoffman
Harrisburg, PA

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 1:48 PM, Dave DeReamus <becard...> wrote:

> Sherri and all,
> Here are two known-name bins that were best-rated under $100. The
> wide-angle feature is good for someone who isn't used to binoculars and
> might have trouble aiming bins on a target.
> The links are to the items on B&H Photo, which I have used many times.
> They have a great customer rating. Hope this helps.
> Bushnell Legacy 8x42 Wide-Angle:
> 20842_8x42_Legacy_WP_Binocular.html
> I have a pair of Bushnell's that are pretty close to these that I use as a
> secondary pair when my better ones aren't handy.
> Nikon Aculon A211 8x42 Wide-Angle:
> _8x42_aculon_a211.html
> Take care and Good birding,
> Dave DeReamus
> becard -at-
> Blog:
> Eastern PA Birding:
> Google Photo Albums:
> chive/109457857807399603170?source=pwa
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> Subject: [PABIRDS] Binocular recommendation
> My sister is finally wanting to spring for her own pair of binoculars,
> but only wants to spend $100. She knows she can't get much for that,
> but that's the budget. Can someone recommend anything that won't be
> too disappointing? She can identify a few birds and isn't interested
> in becoming a better birder, just using for curiosity, and probably to
> try to describe things to me so I can identify them!
> I haven't bought bins in many years and am out of the loop. Reply
> offline if you have suggestions, and thanks!
> sherri
> North Bangor, PA
> <sherri.labar...>

Take care,
Deuane Hoffman
Harrisburg, PA
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