Date: 5/2/18 9:06 am
From: Liz Herzmann <liz.herzmann...>
Subject: [wisb] Horicon this AM- Ibis species and other migrants
Once the rains passed this morning it was a beautiful day to be out. I sat
out turkey hunting in some wood lots on the Horicon Marsh State Wildlife
Area and noticed a significant influx of migrants. White-crowned and
white-throated sparrows arrived in large numbers. Eastern towhee,
rose-breasted grossbeaks, orioles, house wrens and indigo bunting.
Grassland species included clay-colored sparrow, savannah sparrow, sedge
wren, meadowlark and bluebird. Sora and American bittern where calling as
Warblers included palm, black and white, yellow, yellow-rumped, northern
waterthrush, Tennessee, ovenbird and a blue winged warbler that flew into
the bush right next to me!

I then headed over to work and did a quick scan of the impoundments outside
the Horicon Marsh Education and Visitor Center (Hwy 28). A coworker
spotted an Ibis feeding in the mudflats along the dike right in front of
the photo blind. From that distance I could not distinguish between
white-faced and glossy but will try to get out as time allows. There have
also been a pair of black-necked stilts on this impoundment the last couple
of days.

Happy Birding!
Liz Herzmann
Horicon, Dodge County

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