Date: 5/2/18 7:18 am
From: Jane Patterson <seejanebird...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Louisiana Life birding article
Unfortunately, we are rarely granted the opportunity to review these
articles prior to publication. It's not a bad article and does have pretty
photos of birds to grab folks' attention,even if they're not all our
birds! For the record, I did not say that Peveto Woods is one of the
highest places in the state (!) What I probably said was that it's one of
the places with the highest number of bird species recorded....sigh...

--Jane Patterson

On Tue, May 1, 2018 at 9:29 PM, Kevin Morgan <cowboyinbrla...> wrote:

> The current, ie May/June, issue of "Louisiana Life" (glossy magazine, 6-ish
> times a year) has a not-horrible article on birding around the state,
> including
> clips from interviews with some names some of you may recognize.
> Unfortunately,
> the photos they use to illustrate the article, while lovely, even
> stunning, in
> many cases don't fit.
> For instance, in the section on "Acadiana", the article mentions Lake
> Martin,
> and it mentions that you can see (among other species) kingfishers there.
> But
> the photo referenced is not a Belted Kingfisher, nor even the long-staying
> Ringed Kingfisher that was there for a few years, but the Common
> Kingfisher of
> Eurasia and North Africa.
> In the Northern Louisiana section, they mention that you can see Horned
> Grebes
> in the winter, but the photo they used is of a breeding plumage bird we are
> distinctly unlikely to see in the state. And in the section on the coast,
> when
> describing the birds that can be seen at Peveto Woods, they refer to
> grosbeaks,
> but we're treated not to a Rose-breasted or Blue Grosbeak, or even a
> Black-headed, but an Evening Grosbeak. At least they didn't use a Yellow
> Grosbeak or a Pine Grosbeak - small blessings, I suppose.
> There's a digital edition at
> (right-hand side of that page).
> Kevin Morgan
> Baton Rouge LA
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