Date: 5/2/18 6:55 am
From: Joan Garvey <joanmgarvey1...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] bird article
About a year after Katrina I was home-bound taking care of my Mom who had
Alzheimer's. I noticed a hummingbird in the yard and decided to learn more
about the species and eventually ended up at the library. I came across
Nancy's hummingbird book and contacted her for more help planting my yard. I
was fortunate to have a female Rufous visit the yard and Nancy was able to
band her. I named her "Sweet Pea" after my Mom's nickname. Sweet Pea was
subsequently recaptured off the coast of Washington State the following
spring. She made the news on Whidbey Island but unfortunately the spin they
put on it was that she was lost down here and went the wrong way. They also
said she was named Sweet Pea after the flowers she favored.
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