Date: 5/2/18 3:22 am
From: Jacque Brown <bluebird2...>
Subject: B Orioles and RB Grosbeaks

Sunday Late afternoon I noticed two RB Grosbeaks in the trees in my yard.

Monday, The 2 young Mourning Doves are getting big and one is stretching it’s wings, and the parents are making frequent feeding visits now. I put out one platform feeder a ways away from where the Mourning Doves are nesting. And hung an Oriole feeder and jelly plate on the other side of the yard.

Tuesday, I had 11 Rose-breasted Grosbeaks on the platform at one time. 4 females 7 males. At the same time I had 1 male Baltimore Oriole at the jelly and two others visible in the trees. I have had more hummers than usual it seems. And I have seen 8 Tennessee Warblers, all working the Cherry Trees, several visible at the same time. Plus YR Warblers. I also have had 1 Lincoln Sparrow seen often a for three days. Not sure if it’s the same bird. I have been stuck at home so have not been out looking elsewhere.

Jacque Brown
Centerton, AR

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