Date: 5/1/18 7:29 pm
From: Kevin Morgan <cowboyinbrla...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Louisiana Life birding article

The current, ie May/June, issue of "Louisiana Life" (glossy magazine, 6-ish
times a year) has a not-horrible article on birding around the state, including
clips from interviews with some names some of you may recognize. Unfortunately,
the photos they use to illustrate the article, while lovely, even stunning, in
many cases don't fit.

For instance, in the section on "Acadiana", the article mentions Lake Martin,
and it mentions that you can see (among other species) kingfishers there. But
the photo referenced is not a Belted Kingfisher, nor even the long-staying
Ringed Kingfisher that was there for a few years, but the Common Kingfisher of
Eurasia and North Africa.

In the Northern Louisiana section, they mention that you can see Horned Grebes
in the winter, but the photo they used is of a breeding plumage bird we are
distinctly unlikely to see in the state. And in the section on the coast, when
describing the birds that can be seen at Peveto Woods, they refer to grosbeaks,
but we're treated not to a Rose-breasted or Blue Grosbeak, or even a
Black-headed, but an Evening Grosbeak. At least they didn't use a Yellow
Grosbeak or a Pine Grosbeak - small blessings, I suppose.

There's a digital edition at
(right-hand side of that page).

Kevin Morgan
Baton Rouge LA
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