Date: 5/1/18 7:01 pm
From: Peggy Wang <00000454f4164bea-dmarc-request...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Magee Marsh today
Fantastic day at Magee Marsh & nearby areas (metzger Marsh, Ottawa NWR) despite temps in 80’s and a warm breeze: 85 species incl 17 species of warblers. I heard reports of Prothonotary & Yellow-throated but missed those. Yellow-rumpeds were thick but Palms weren’t far behind. A surprise for me was a Cerulean showing well at just a tad above eye level—what a treat to see it well and w/o Warbler neck! List of warblers below.

Other highlights incl another very cooperative woodcock right beside the boardwalk showing off for most of the day, not far from where one showed well last year. Three vireos: warbling, blue-headed and yellow throated.

Black-necked Stilt on causeway, an OH bird for me.

Another treat was an incredibly obliging Winter Wren right beside (or under) the Boardwalk—too close for binoculars.

Big numbers of brightly-plumaged White-thr Sparrows digging like towhees in the dead leaves plus a few White-crowneds. Found one Dark-eyed Junco on the trail off the beach.

Great Crested FC, E Phoebe (heard at Ottawa).

Activity was good all day and it seemed like warblers were arriving steadily. There was a magic tree right by the parking lot at Metzger Marsh that had at least 8 species of warbler moving in & out.

Water is high at Magee and only a few trees are beg to leaf out so viewing & photo opps great.

Nashville (good numbers)
Am Redstart (male at Metzger, only one seen)
Cape May
N Parula
Black-thr Blue
Black-throated Green (good nos)

Peggy Wang

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