Date: 5/1/18 4:01 pm
From: Gonzalez, Mark <mgonzale...>
Subject: [COBOL] crooked river park -- mini fallout
Greetings COBOLers,

Took a lunch time walk through Crooked River Park and downstream around the
Kids Fishing Pond in Prineville today. 46 species today with several first
of years for me. Some highlights:

- Pair of Golden and Bald eagles soaring east of the park -- I'm
wondering about a possible nesting site along the nearby basalt cliffs?
- At least a dozen Red-tailed Hawks in a small kettle east of the park
- 2 species of empids:
- Gray Flycatcher 1 (FOY)
- Dusky Flycatcher 3 (FOY)
- Rufous Hummingbird 2 males (FOY)
- 6 species of warblers (mostly in 2 trees -- one tree along the
stormwater drainage ditch north side of ballfields and a tree along
irrigation canal bordering golf course--sw side of Kids Fishing Pond).
- Orange-crowned 4
- Nashville 2 (FOY)
- Yellow 2
- Yellow-rumped 1
- Common Yellowthroat 1
- Wilson's 2 (FOY)
- 6 species of sparrows (mostly around Kids Fishing Pond)
- Fox Sparrow 1
- Spotted Towhee 1
- White-crowned Sparrow 25
- Golden-crowned Sparrow 1 (must have been more?)
- Lincoln's 2
- Song 5

I did NOT find:

- green-tailed towhee,
- lesser/greater scaup,
- mountain quail,
- gray-crowned rosy-finch, or
- rough-legged hawk

as reported in eBird last week by a couple of visiting birders from ID .
In fact, I've never seen any of these species at Crooked River Park in the
4 years that I have birded this park regularly and consistently through
rain, snow, sleet, and deadlines. Not saying they can't occur at this
park, but a pretty remarkable day to see such diversity of rarities for
this habitat and in this season. I guess I shouldn't have been teleworking
in Bend last week.

Good birding,


Mark A. Gonzalez, PhD
Riparian/Wetland Ecologist (Soils)
National Riparian Service Team / National Operations Center
Division of Resource Services
Branch of Assessment and Monitoring
Bureau of Land Management
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Prineville, OR 97754
541-416-6705 (office)
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