Date: 5/1/18 10:48 am
From: Molly Zahn <mollymzahn...>
Subject: Cray-cray days at Burcham Pk (DG Co)
People saw Bob Antonio's report from Burcham yesterday -- things were
pretty much as good today though perhaps overall numbers not quite as high.
Peter and I walked for a couple hours and ended up with 14 warbler species:

1 N. waterthrush (by north creek)
1 golden-winged warbler (n end -- singing and gave us great looks)
4 black and white
4 prothonotary (including one in the neighborhood nearby, at 5th and Ohio
-- hope he found his way down to the park!)
3 tennessee
6 orange-crowned
2 Nashville
7 N parula
1 blackburnian -- P and I both heard it on the north end, but couldn't
locate it in the bad light
21 yellow -- probably an undercount on my part; they were all over.
5 blackpoll -- several along the river trail and a couple at the north end
2 palm (I think Peter had more like 6)
50 yellow-rumped -- maybe sort of thinning out but still a lot
1 black-throated green singing and hanging around at eye level at north end

I thought I heard and saw a chestnut-sided on the north end but couldn't
quite get my bins on it.

I also got my FOY red-headed woodpeckers (2 at the far north end), all 4
expected vireos, lots of swainson's thrushes, a summer tanager, several
indigo buntings. Clearly the birds were stuck below all those cold fronts
and are just pouring through now. Makes it really hard to go to work! :)

Good birding,
Molly Zahn

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