Date: 5/1/18 6:15 am
From: Emily Weiser <emily.l.weiser...>
Subject: [wisb] La Crosse: Red-necked Grebe and 15 Willets on Fishermen's Rd
The Red-necked Grebe continues as of 7:30am today (1 May) at the end of
Fishermen's Rd on French Island in La Crosse. Thanks to Jennifer Scholze
for the initial report on the 27th, and to Elista Fisher for confirming it
was still present yesterday! I guess it's hanging around while waiting for
the ice to break up farther north. It was hugging the shoreline again - if
you can't see it from the very end of the road, walk back southeast on the
dirt path and keep a close eye on the water.
There were also 15 Willets on Airport Beach (also on Fishermen's Rd) at
6:30am. Unfortunately, I did not see them on my way out at 7:45am. When I
first was watching them, they were regularly flushing as Bald Eagles flew
overhead, but would return immediately and did not mind cars or me on my
bike. Maybe they're still in the area somewhere.

Other FOYs included Forster's Terns, Clay-colored Sparrows, Eastern
Kingbirds, and Least Flycatchers.

Good birding,

Emily Weiser
La Crosse, WI

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