Date: 4/30/18 7:22 pm
From: David Scott <dscott0313...>
Subject: [MASSBIRD] Birdcast
I've never quite figured out how to take advantage of radar info to predict
bird migration (mostly I just try to go birding as much as possible in
May), but Cornell has a new website up this year called BirdCast, which
combines radar data and weather forecasts to predict the level of bird
migration across the country over a three night period.

Migration has seemed slow so far this year, at least for songbirds.
Shouldn't there be flocks of yellow-rumped warblers by now? The BBC trip at
Mt Auburn last year on April 29th last year had 43 species, with 6 species
of warbler including an estimate of 50 yellow-rumps, a Wood Thrush, a G-c
Flycatcher and Catbirds. Today's collective Mt Auburn reports on eBird
suggest that two Pine Warblers and a single Yellow-rump were present.

The birdcast map for the last couple of days of April shows "intense spring
migration traffic" up the central flyway, and almost nothing moving up the
east coast. Things look more interesting for us on the nights of May 1st
and 2nd. "Moderate to heavy bird movements coming soon to the East Coast."

David Scott

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