Date: 4/30/18 6:22 pm
From: Mary Jimenez <mary.jimenez509...>
Subject: Re: [LABIRD-L] Pat Lonnecker
Paul, that was beautiful and makes me more sure in my effort to become a
true birder that not only loves the birds but wants to bird in protection
of the birds and nature. They are a harbinger for almost everything. Thank
you. Mjimenez

On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 4:06 PM, Paul Dickson <Paul...>

> LABIRD: Long-time Shreveport LOS member Pat Lonnecker died yesterday. Pat
> was a birder before birding was cool. Pat's interest in birds continued
> beyond the untimely death of her ornithologist husband and rubbed off on
> many friends. She was truly beloved in the NW LA birding clique for 50
> years .
> I grew up in her neighborhood. Straightforward and generous, she supported
> my interest in birds and in conservation many times over. I attended my
> first spring LOS meeting in Cameron at about age 12 because Pat told Horace
> Jeter that I was old enough and that he should take me. She frequently told
> Horace what to do and when she did, he did it. She was right. I saw the big
> league, met Lowery and Newman et al, and picked a direction. At age 15, I
> played her a bird song I had recorded on a cheap recorder and she promptly
> went into a closet and got out her late husband's parabola and microphone,
> and then handed it to me along with a demonstration on how to tune it. 10
> minutes elapsed time to start something that has continued since. Many
> years, and much kindness later, she helped with the creation of the Red
> River National Wildlife Refuge by making sure that I remembered that it
> would be worth the work. When it was done, she and several others made me a
> quilt which I treasure. Even when her vision was nearly gone, she went out
> birding with friends, went on a CBC, attended BSG meetings. Pat seemed to
> always know the right thing to do and had a matter of fact way of
> inspiring. And she loved birds.
> Paul Dickson
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