Date: 4/30/18 6:22 pm
From: Rennie Talbert <renniett...>
Subject: Greenbottom
Amy and I decided to take a chance that the purple gallinule was still there.

When we got there, we met Stephen Wilson, who I had wanted to meet for a little while, since he does a lot of his birding around Nicholas County, and I make it a point to go up there a couple of times a year. We walked to the second pond, and we could see that someone was already there--Andrew Zettle, and he was taking pictures, which could only one thing to me, and he was taking pictures close to shore. The gallinule was there, hiding in the grass, but he popped up a couple of times to give us really good looks, and it didn't appear to be bothered by being viewed. As we were leaving, another group of birders came in, but I didn't get there names.

Amy and I then went up to the road to the boardwalk, where we ran into Stephen again, although he was getting ready to leave. He told us he heard the Sora at the start of the swamp on the right side of the road. We was walking to the spot when we heard it call, and it was close. Then we heard a second one call, and it was very close. We stood there looking at where the calls came from, then one of the soras came out for a few moments, then withdraw back into the grass again. The other sora came out and walked toward where the first sora had came out, then it walked back to where it had originally came from, but we could still see it moving around. It then came to the road that leads to the boardwalk where it stepped out and I was able to get a picture, then it flew across the road to hide in the grass on that side of the road. It gave one more call over there before it went quiet.

A couple of very lucky sightings for us.

Rennie Talbert
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