Date: 4/30/18 6:03 pm
From: Charles Anderson <cmanderson...>
Subject: Re: overrun with orioles
New “world record” in our backyard in Western Hills in Little Rock: 17 Baltimore Orioles at one time. Up to 36 species in the yard over the last few days. Newbies today: Black-throated Green Warbler, Mississippi Kite, and some different vireo, maybe Warbling.

Chuck Anderson

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> On Apr 30, 2018, at 2:17 PM, Lynn Foster <lfoster5211...> wrote:
> NW of Pinnacle Mtn, and south of Roland, just off Hwy 300, my several-doors-away neighbor and I have been having a contest over orioles and grosbeaks. I got the first orioles about a week ago and have spotted at least 4 males and two females.
> She has a few more that showed up a day or two later. We're feeding them oranges. She feeds hers grape jelly and I'm cutting up grapes for mine--both are gobbled up. They drink the same sugar water as do hummingbirds--one part sugar to 4 parts water.
> She has been seeing grosbeaks for about 4 days and I just spotted my first pair, male and female, at my feeders this morning.
> As a child growing up in Chicago I had the paperback Zim bird book. I nearly had it memorized, not that I ever saw anything except for sparrows, pigeons, and robins. I always hoped I would see a Baltimore oriole and a grosbeak.
> And now--I'm living that dream. Just. . . . wow.
> My goldfinches are still here--this is the first year they've stayed so long. Do others have the same situation, and are there any theories why?
>> On Mon, Apr 30, 2018 at 1:33 PM, Jerry Davis <jwdavis...> wrote:
>> Male and female Rosebreasted Grosbeaks have been at my feeders for a week
>> and male Baltimore orioles have been here for 4 days. They started off
>> using the hummingbird feeders like the Downy and Redbellied woodpeckers do
>> and now they are feasting on orange halves.
>> Jerry Wayne Davis
>> Hot Springs
>> This must be a very good year for orioles - and Rose-breasted
>> > grosbeaks. We've had several grosbeaks at our feeder over a number of
>> > days, and probably two different male Baltimore Orioles on different
>> > days. Today at Woolsey, rather unexpectedly, Donald Ouellette and I saw
>> > a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (I believe the first I've ever seen
>> > there) and had several sightings of at least 2 Baltimore Orioles.
>> > Donald is certain there were many more, as they all were coming from one
>> > direction and leaving in the opposite. There may have been a female
>> > Orchard Oriole, but id uncertain. I love it when these lovely birds are
>> > here in numbers in spring.
>> >
>> > Joanie
>> >
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