Date: 4/30/18 3:01 pm
From: Alan & Joan Linquist <linquists...>
Subject: [wisb] Northern Kettle Moraine
Alan LInquist (Washington County)
Birding in the NKM started off very quietly but, with the gusts of wind, it picked up a bit.  Lots of swallows, especially tree and barn swallows but very few sparrows and warblers.  For the sparrows, that's not surprising as there is no tall green grasses or grass insects to dine on.  Although the numbers are down, the species count is pretty high so the birds may be arriving slowly.  The mockingbird is still in the forest.  This time, I couldn't find him as I wasn't going to look that hard, but I could hear him.       A question:  How do we classify purple headed mallards?  Red Winged Blackbirds (58)Canada Geese (27) plus two goslings;Robins (27);Starlings (20); Tree Swallow (14);Grackle (10);Crow (8);Barn Swallow (9);Sandhill Cranes (7);Cardinal (6) almost every place I stopped at had a cardinal;
Yellow Rumped Warbler (6);
Wood Duck (6);Black Capped Chickadee (5);Mallard (5);Turkey Vulture (4);American Tree Sparrow (4);Downy Woodpecker (3);Ruddy Duck (3);Mourning Dove (3);House Finch (3);Eastern Phoebe (3) could have been more;White Breasted Nuthatch (2);Blue Jay (2);Horned Grebe (2)  they were several yards apart, swimming and diving in Mauthe Lake, but kept inching closer to each other;
Killdeer (1):Turkey (1);American Goldfinch (1);Northern Flicker (1);Louisiana Waterthrush (1);Great Crested Flycatcher (1) heard him last Friday but couldn't identify the call at the time;Fox Sparrow (1); I think I saw a few disappear into pines or cedars but this was the only one I could truly ID;Song Sparrow (1); not many sparrows out there;Hairy Woodpecker (1);Palm Warbler (1);green heron (1) scared him up by accident and he flew into a tree.  Guess they are tree nesters.
Alan Linquist (Washington and Fond du Lac Counties)

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