Date: 4/30/18 2:07 pm
From: Paul Dickson <Paul...>
Subject: [LABIRD-L] Pat Lonnecker
LABIRD: Long-time Shreveport LOS member Pat Lonnecker died yesterday. Pat was a birder before birding was cool. Pat's interest in birds continued beyond the untimely death of her ornithologist husband and rubbed off on many friends. She was truly beloved in the NW LA birding clique for 50 years .
I grew up in her neighborhood. Straightforward and generous, she supported my interest in birds and in conservation many times over. I attended my first spring LOS meeting in Cameron at about age 12 because Pat told Horace Jeter that I was old enough and that he should take me. She frequently told Horace what to do and when she did, he did it. She was right. I saw the big league, met Lowery and Newman et al, and picked a direction. At age 15, I played her a bird song I had recorded on a cheap recorder and she promptly went into a closet and got out her late husband's parabola and microphone, and then handed it to me along with a demonstration on how to tune it. 10 minutes elapsed time to start something that has continued since. Many years, and much kindness later, she helped with the creation of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge by making sure that I remembered that it would be worth the work. When it was done, she and several others made me a quilt which I treasure. Even when her vision was nearly gone, she went out birding with friends, went on a CBC, attended BSG meetings. Pat seemed to always know the right thing to do and had a matter of fact way of inspiring. And she loved birds.
Paul Dickson
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