Date: 4/30/18 2:04 pm
From: Janine Perlman <jpandjf...>
Subject: Re: A Baltimore Oriole Note
Good options, Jerry!� They like halved grapes, too.� I jam them into
spent orange halves.� Grosbeaks and Red-bellied woodpeckers partake as well.


On 4/30/2018 3:32 PM, Jerry Davis
> We are fortunate to have the Baltimore Orioles for a few days and
> there have been many posts on this already but I want to add a note.
> Should you not have an Oriole feeder or oranges, Cantaloupe and
> watermelon slices work very well.� I have orioles feeding on oranges
> and cantaloupe at the moment.� Enjoy the moment and the fact that
> these birds made it across the Gulf and celebrate the great migration
> event that we have each year.� This is the time to help them and other
> birds fill up for the rest of the journey.
> Jerry Wayne Davis
> Hot Springs

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