Date: 4/30/18 1:55 pm
From: Gmail <butchchq8...>
Subject: Big Day Challenge
For the past three years, some of you have engaged in the Big Day Challenge that started locally in NWA and has now branched out statewide whereby we challenge ourselves to see as many bird species as one can in a set period of time and then pledge and donate the money to our favorite organizations.

I realize that Arkansas Audubon has now started a similar project, but for those of you not associated with Audubon, or who would like to donate to other causes, I encourage you to take part.

Me personally, I have limited my area to NWA for two years and limited it to Benton County in another year. Both were done in a 12 hour birding stint recording 78, 91, & 79 species respectively.

I donated $1 per species to the graduate student research fund to be used by Dr. Kim Smith’s grad student research. This year, I plan to do the same to honor Dr. Smith’s continued legacy. My twist this year is that I will be traveling to Quivera NWR and Cheyenne Bottoms in Kansas, but the money will still come back home to support local avian research conducted by Mitchell Pruitt, Alyssa DeRubais, and Anant Deshwal.

Every little bit helps.

I hope you will take the Big Day Challenge and help support your own local bird related causes.

Thank you and enjoy the birds!
Butch Tetzlaff
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