Date: 4/30/18 12:49 pm
From: Dottie Boyles <DBoyles...>
Subject: Re: overrun with orioles
Just returned from eating lunch at Murray Park in Little Rock. Checked both mulberry trees in the first parking lot and neither have ripe berries. Didn't see one oriole, so Cindy and Donna have a good theory about lack of foliage. However at the 2nd parking lot, where all the pavilions are located I saw one Orchard Oriole last week. Didn't make it that far down today.

On another note, at Izard and 4th Streets in downtown Little Rock, I counted 12 very vocal Chimney Swifts flying over the parking lot. Last week I only had 4.

Dottie Boyles
Little Rock

From: The Birds of Arkansas Discussion List [mailto:<ARBIRD-L...>] On Behalf Of CK Franklin
Subject: Re: overrun with orioles

Over run here as well. At least 10 adult males. 5-6 females or junior males. They are coming & going so fast it is hard to tell. Also 3 male & 1 female Rose-breasted Grosbeaks.
Donna Haynes & I were talking about the invasion earlier today. The mulberry reports earlier today or yesterday caused us to speculate the lack of forage available due to the late cold weather is driving these birds enmass into feeding stations. Can they subsist on fruit & juice until other forage becomes available?

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