Date: 4/30/18 11:33 am
From: Jerry Davis <jwdavis...>
Subject: Re: overrun with orioles
Male and female Rosebreasted Grosbeaks have been at my feeders for a week
and male Baltimore orioles have been here for 4 days. They started off
using the hummingbird feeders like the Downy and Redbellied woodpeckers do
and now they are feasting on orange halves.

Jerry Wayne Davis
Hot Springs

This must be a very good year for orioles - and Rose-breasted
> grosbeaks.  We've had several grosbeaks at our feeder over a number of
> days, and probably two different male Baltimore Orioles on different
> days.  Today at Woolsey, rather unexpectedly, Donald Ouellette and I saw
> a female Rose-breasted Grosbeak (I believe the first I've ever seen
> there) and had several sightings of at least 2 Baltimore Orioles. 
> Donald is certain there were many more, as they all were coming from one
> direction and leaving in the opposite.  There may have been a female
> Orchard Oriole, but id uncertain.  I love it when these lovely birds are
> here in numbers in spring.
> Joanie
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