Date: 4/30/18 9:53 am
From: cynthia burkhart <000000990b36e23b-dmarc-request...>
Subject: FOY Ovenbirds, Nest box report
Heard 4 Ovenbirds on my walk this morning.Baltimore Oriole, male, here again this morning.  First time I've had one on the hummingbird feeder at edge of porch!Male Rose-breasted Grosbeak still showing up at feeders throughout the day.Female Pine Warbler at suet this morning as soon as I put a new suet cake out.
Checked bird nest boxes yesterday:  3  boxes with Bluebirds incubating                                                             1 box with Bluebird laying                                                            2 boxes with Bluebird nests under construction                                                            3 boxes with Tree Swallow nests under construction                                                            1 box with completed Chickadee nest, but no eggs                                                            1 Carolina Wren nest in barn, with incubating wren                                                            1 Phoebe nest, which I can't see in, but Phoebe usually on fence nearby                                                             and Barn Swallow often flying out of nest in barn when we enter (have nested in same nest for 5 years)There are still 5 boxes empty for any newcomers!
Cynthia BurkhartRitchie co.                                   
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