Date: 4/30/18 9:36 am
From: Scott Loss <scottrloss...>
Subject: Payne County Birding Sunday - Palm Warblers, Bobolink, etc
Tim O'Connell, Sam Cady, and I did a "big half day" of birding around
eastern Payne County yesterday (Sunday). We ended up with 119 species - not
bad for calling it a day around 1 pm! The rarest birds were a pair of Palm
Warblers at the Cushing Water Treatment Plant (both were of the "Western"
subspecies; see photos by Tim in the checklist linked below), but we had a
number of other great FOY's and notable bird sightings as well. Some
highlights included:

Ghost Hollow - numerous Chuck-wills-widows, Blue-headed Vireo, Least
Flycatcher, Summer Tanagers, Painted and Indigo Buntings, a late Northern
Harrier, 8 warblers (inc. Prothonotary, Nashville, Louisiana Waterthrush),
and at least 30 or 40 flyover Dickcissels

Cimmaron River at Meehan/Dunkin Rd - Orchard Oriole and Blue Grosbeak

Cushing Water Treatment Plant - 6 lingering duck species, American Bittern,
White-faced Ibises, multiple Soras, 12 shorebird species (mostly common
species, but including 4 American Golden Plovers and a dozen Semipalmated
Sandpipers), Marsh Wrens, numerous Yellow-headed Blackbirds, one Bobolink,
and the 2 Palm Warblers.

Cushing Water Treatment plant checklist including Palm Warbler photos:
Scott Loss

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