Date: 4/30/18 9:10 am
From: Antonio, Robert J. <anto...>
Subject: Baker Wetlands Sunday morning
A Coot - 150
Ruddy Duck - 4
Lesser Scaup - 2F
Blue-Winged Teal - 30
Mallard - 6
Gadwall - 50
N. Shoveler - 5

Blue-headed Vireo

Yellow-rumpted Warbler - 30
Orange-crowned Warbler
Black & White Warbler 1 FOS
American Redstart - 1 FOS
Common Yellowthroat - FOS - did not count but far fewer singing than usual at this time
Northern Parula 1 singing
Yellow Warbler -1

Savannah Sparrow - not sure of the numbers because it was hard to get a good look but they seem plentiful along the stream bordering the east

Bob Antonio

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