Date: 4/30/18 9:04 am
From: Marlene A Condon via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [VA-bird] Excessive use of owl playback?
Hi John,
Thanks for your comments, which are polite in nature as opposed to some from others on this list serve who have accused me of things that are not true.
What folks are missing is how methodical the calling was; they are NOT paying attention to what I wrote.  People are writing with descriptions of behavior that are nothing at all like what happened here last weekend.  This isn't about hearing "Who cooks for you" for a long time; it's about hearing it repeated in a very structured and artificial manner, which is something humans, not animals, tend to  do.
Many birders are getting angry and just want to blast me instead of allow mention of something that is a serious problem in the birding world. Their strong and bitter words suggest guilty consciences to me!  Anyway, the rudest folks said ages ago that they weren't paying attention to this list serve anymore, but I guess they just can't stop reading me!!!!
And now I have work to do, folks, so-o-o-o, I'm not discussing this topic anymore.  I'm glad I brought it up though because it has illustrated very well that not all birders are as nice as people insist they are.  
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I think Janice Frye's suggestion is a plausible one. A pair of Barred Owls
is holding territory this Spring in my neighborhood (less than a mile from
Charlottesville High School). On April 1, no fooling, I witnessed one of
the owls deliver its classic advertising call every 40 seconds or so for
almost two hours. I was astonished. Last evening one of them began calling
at 5:45p and continued, off and on, for three hours, though not as
consistently or regularly as the April 1 bird. In the piney woods of east
Texas and in the mountains of West Virginia I've heard them call for hours
on end when conditions were right. I don't know the details of your
experience with the putative birder using playback to excess, but I
wouldn't be surprised to learn that you were hearing actual Barred Owls
after all.

John Rowlett
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