Date: 4/30/18 8:58 am
From: Peele, Ashley via VA-bird <va-bird...>
Subject: Re: [VA-bird] non sighting AT comment
Hi Folks, just some quick clarification on a recent VABBA2 article. The misuse of ‘thru-hike’ in the recent article about Diana Doyle was simply an oversight on my part, combined with a different use of the term ‘thru-hike’ by our contributor. In the beginning of the article, he explicitly described Diana Doyle’s hike in the context of ‘thru-hiking’ the Virginia section of the AT, not the entire trail. However, I understand that this term carries different connotations than those implied in the story. For that reason, we’ve corrected the terminology throughout the article.

However! I hope everyone can appreciate that our primary intent was to celebrate the fact that Diana managed to contribute a tremendous volume of breeding bird data for the Atlas project in one summer, b/c she went out of her way to bird throughout a long and strenuous backpacking trip. Little birding data is generated along most of VA’s Appalachian Trail, despite its passing through many important habitats/regions of the state. We really appreciate volunteers, like Diana, who go out of their way to combine summer adventures with field data collection, so a big thanks to her and to all our volunteers who are working to help generate data in the more remote parts of the state.

If you haven’t yet read Diana’s story, check it out and learn more about how and why she participated in the VABBA2 last summer:

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