Date: 4/30/18 8:43 am
From: Leon Bright <urraca2...>
Subject: [cobirds] Sparrow I.D. - Pueblo
COBirders-- A few minutes ago while in my suburban-type back yard I saw a
small sparrow that I couldn't identify. I didn't have my bins and observed
it for about a minute. Very nearby, there was a Pine Siskin that I could
use for size comparison. This sparrow seemed even smaller than the siskin
(max. length 5") and strikingly it carried its long tail very high, similar
to a wren. The crown looked like that of a juvenile White-crowned; typical
sparrow bill; no noticeable eye-ring or malar markings; back, dark with
distinct medium brown and black markings; streaked breast though not heavily
so; tail long, mostly brown. As the bird flew off it demonstrated an
undulating pattern. It had been foraging in my raspberry patch which has
rows of bare ground and newly sprouted plants in mulch. Any thoughts will
be appreciated.

Leon Bright - Pueblo (city and county)

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