Date: 4/30/18 8:37 am
From: Steve Jones <sjlarue1...>
Subject: [Ohio-birds] Black-necked Stilt, Big Island Wildlife Area, Marion Ohio

There is currently a Black-necked Stilt in the West Pond on LaRue Prospect
Road on the east side.

The bird was originally found by Cam Lee.

If you come, and just want the Stilt. Park in the lot that is between the
middle in the West impoundments, and walk back from there. Caution the
ditch may be a little damp. If the bird is not on the east side, and it may
be back in the back along the north side, which is where Cam originally
spotted it. That will be the quickest way back.

Fair number of shore birds are also present all around the pond, you name
it, it's probably here... except for Dunlin. There are also Sora along the
west side of the pond if you want to park in the west lot and walk all the
way around.

No rails or bitterns seen or heard yet. But that doesn't mean they are not

Happy birding and God bless,

Steve J.


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