Date: 4/30/18 7:31 am
From: Brett Niland <bestguess...>
Subject: Re: Bixby Sod Farms
Thanks Todd/Bill,

That's pretty much what I'd been doing. Both on the Bixby and Leonard sides.

Based on some of the incredible lists I'd seen published on eBird I figured i was missing something. I'll keep at it and remember that this is birding and patience is required. 😊

Keep your necks limber,

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The beauty of the Bixby loop is NOT to get out of your car. It’s the perfect lazy birder trip! Since the roads are not traveled that much down there, most of the regular birders will just kind of drive “British style” when needed. So, if you see 4 or 5 Upland Sandpipers on the left, you just kind of drift over to the wrong side of the road, pull off the road about half way, turn your car off and enjoy. Then, you just move on down the road, starting and stopping a necessary. There is one place you can pull of and get out along 141st street to look down into Tony Genoff’s pond for water fowl… However, I wouldn’t spend a lot of time there because he doesn’t like people being obtrusive. Also, don’t drive up his driveway on the west side of his pond – big no-no!!!

I’ve taken some of my best photos of Sandpipers right out of my truck window. I LOVE the sod farms! What I have noticed is my best sightings have been on both north and south sides of 141st between Mingo and Garnett, wherever there is standing water. I’ve also seen good stuff on the north side of 141st between Garnett and 129th east ave. Then, hit 151st which only goes between Garnett and 129th due to the river bend. The hedge rows are great down that way for a variety of sparrows, Eastern Kingbirds galore, maybe occasional Cattle Egrets in the horse pasture at the southeast corner of that section…

It’s a slow drive windows down tour!

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Hello all,

I've been down to Bixby sod farms a few time, and feel like I'm doing it wrong. Can I get information regarding where to park and walk in for best experience?

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