Date: 4/30/18 6:11 am
From: Karen Konarski-Hart <karen...>
Subject: Birding urban Calgary
Whenever out of state for business we always have the binoculars at the ready...2 birds for the price of one, so to speak. Since Calgary is a walking town, we ventured out and almost immediately were greeted with an insistent “chip” note above our heads but couldn’t focus on the beastie. As we walked on we heard an equally insistent “cuckoo” of similar intensity. These elusive teasers followed us down the street until we simultaneously realized that our avian escorts were evidently part of the crosswalk traffic light warning system, I assume for sight impaired walkers. Electronic bird guardians...felt silly but safe.
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After listening to recordings, I think it was a Tufted Titmouse. iBird Pro includes a “harsh doublet” recording from Arkansas of all places that while not exactly what I heard it is similar and I did mention “titmouse with a cold”.

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Subject: Sonic ID help please

I'm at the Arkansas Arboretum Trail and I just heard something that did a rough sounding Why Why! Sound over and over it's still going. Just the two notes never more than just the two period one time when it was moving it just did one. Perhaps it's just a titmouse with a cold but I don't recognize it. Repeats every 5 to 10 seconds just the two notes.


Jim Dixon
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