Date: 4/29/18 10:18 pm
From: Joshua Jarvis <menasor77...>
Subject: [NHBirds] Hinsdale migrants
I went to check out the river setbacks today. Their was a disappointing
lack of waterfowl but many first of the year birds for me.

My first FoY was seen before leaving my own town. A broad winged hawk on
the wires in Richmond on the hill just before route 32 meets 119.

In Hinsdale at the setbacks I saw my FoY yellow rumped warbler, Palm
Warbler, black and white warbler, blue grey gnatcatcher, double crested
cormorant, tree swallows, barn swallows, and Osprey.

Some swallows looked brownish but I could not get a good enough look to see
if they were bank swallows, rough winged swallows, or just tree swallows
seen in bad light.

Though not firsts, I also saw a phoebe, a flicker, a Pilates woodpecker,
black capped chickadees, American goldfinch,Canada goose, and red winged

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